The pricing schedule for each hunting class is outlined below. A non-refundable $1,000 reservation fee is due for all hunts at the time of booking. After a successful harvest, the balance of the hunt price is due.

All whitetail bucks harvested will be scored by your guide using the SCI scoring system. The gross SCI score will determine the actual cost of your hunt. Wounded animals or any animals leaving a blood trail will be charged the same as a kill. Every effort possible will be made to recover wounded animals.


Additional discount Specials are applied to pricing schedule below.

Up to 140″ Management Hunt $2,500
141″ – 150″ Trophy Hunt $3,000
151″ – 160″ Trophy Hunt $3,500
161″ – 170″ Trophy Hunt $4,400
171″ – 180″ Trophy Hunt $5,500
181″ – 190″ Super Trophy Hunt $6,000
191″ – 200″ Super Trophy Hunt $6,500
201″ – 220″ Buckeye Super Trophy Hunt $8,500
221″ – 250″ Buckeye Super Trophy Hunt $10,000
250+”         World Class Trophy Hunt  Call for Pricing

7% Ohio Sales tax will be applied to the lodging portion of all hunting packages.  Typically $70

 You can do your part in helping us with our game management program by harvesting a doe during your hunt.  We’ll encourage some of our hunters to harvest does to prevent over population and aide in the overall health and genetics of our deer herd.  A small fee may be applied.


Free Range Hunt Pricing

Contact Brett Cooper at 937-515-1013 for pricing.


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