August 15, 2011 marked the opening of the Buckeye Whitetail Quest hunting preserve.  The preserve is located among the rolling hills of southern Ohio and encompasses approximately 150 acres of woodland, wood draws, wooded creek line and farm fields.  The state of Ohio is renowned as being one of the country’s premier trophy whitetail hunting states.  Buckeye Whitetail Quest upholds this outstanding Ohio hunting tradition.  Within the preserve, our hunters will have opportunity to pursue management, trophy, super trophy and world class whitetails that have either grown up within the enclosure or have been stocked from our rigorously managed breeding program.  Whitetail deer scoring from 130” through 300”+ (SCI) will be available to harvest each hunting season.  We are very proud to offer some of the finest Ohio trophy whitetail deer hunting available.

From all of us here at Buckeye Whitetail Quest, we would like to thank you for considering us for your next Ohio whitetail hunting adventure.  Buckeye Whitetail Quest is committed to fulfilling each of our hunter’s whitetail hunting dreams by offering a first class hunting facility that provides opportunity to pursue and harvest a trophy whitetail deer of a lifetime.  No matter what your personal vision of a trophy whitetail deer may entail, Buckeye Whitetail Quest can help it become a reality.
We sincerely hope that you will that you will join us again or for the first time this fall!

9531 State Route 125
Russellville, OH 45168
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